Who else got accepted for the spring Disney College Program??


I’m in merchandise!

attractions :)

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Roommate Survey

So I made a video on youtube and also filled one of these out earlier, but I’m actually accepted now so finding roommates is pretty crucial! Message me any questions you might have :) 


Name: Adrianna- you can call me Anna :) 
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Birthday/Age: Sep. 24th, ‘94 (20 years old)
Current Location: Ellensburg, WA
School: Central Washington University
Major: Science Education. 

1. Flying or Driving: 8 hour flight…
2. Role? Attractions :) 
3. What program are you accepted for? Spring 2015, and I’m picking my dates tomorrow! 
4. Do you want to live in Wellness or Non-Wellness? Wellness. 
5. How many people do you want to live with? 4-6. 
6. Which housing complex would you like to live in? I would be alright with Chatham or Vista, definitely not picky.
7. Alumni? Nope, first timer

1. Do you party? How often? Just on the weekends. 
2. Do you smoke? No sir.
3. Do you drink? Occasionally. 
4. Can you cook? I was originally going to culinary school, so yes, I will make you every meal, I love cooking! 
5. Are you a night person or morning person? I can be both. Generally chipper always!
6. Do you snore? When I’m super tired, yes. So I need to be roommates with some heavy sleepers. 
7. What does your bedroom normally look like? Maybe pajamas on the ground if I’m in a rush or something. I stay pretty organized.  
8. Do you like it when your room is hot or cold? I live in Washington State, the cold is not my friend. I like rooms neutral. Whatever though.
9. Would you rather go out or stay in? OUT. This is the time of our lives people, explore!  
10. What do you like to do on your days off/the weekend? I love love love roadtrips and exploring new things so be prepared to be adventurous with me. 
11. Do you work out a lot? No. I suck.
12. How would you handle a “bug situation”? I mean you do what you gotta do. I usually smash them with something laying around. 
13. Will we sing obnoxiously together? Daily.

1. Good quality: I’m super outgoing and like to stay busy. I’m extremely caring and nurturing, so I always put others before myself.
2. One bad quality: I like sleeping. A lot. I know I won’t be able to do that in Florida though, so nothing you have to worry about :)  
3. Are you outgoing or quiet? Outgoing for sure.
4. Do you like hanging out with people or keeping to yourself? I love hosting and having people around. So I need roommates who are extremely social and ready to be around people.
5. What would you want in a roommate? I need roomies who have a sense of humor and don’t get offended easily. Being social is a big part of my life, so I need social roommates and would love to have adventurous people to live with :)  
6. What are your biggest pet peeves/dislikes? Super simple but my biggest pet peeve is people being inconsiderate. Just be nice. So simple. 
7. Are you messy or organized? Definitely organized.  
8. How do you feel about sharing? I’m the oldest of 5 siblings, I am a big fan of sharing hahah.
9. Favorite Music: I’m a lover of oldies and funk. Get down on it. 
10. Favorite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, American Horror Story, Friends. 
11. Favorite Movies: (To save time, all disney movies,) Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Dumb and Dumber.
12. Favorite Food: Feed me burritos. All the burritos.  
13. Favorite Candy: Swedish Fish. Oof. 
14. Favorite Drink: COFFEE. So much coffee.
15. Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Character: I have a special place in my heart for
-Donald Duck

Favorite classic character: Donald Duck.
Favorite Movie: Yikes. Aladdin, Bambi, Hercules, Princess and the Frog, Lilo and Stitch
Favorite Disney Channel Show: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Lizzie McGuire, Good luck Charlie, Kim Possible
Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. 
Favorite Ride: The Haunted Mansion, Dinosaur 

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  • AnonymousWhat role did you get :)
  • Attractions for Spring 2015 :) 

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  • AnonymousWhat's the status on your dcp application? :)
  • Thank you for asking! I am still in progress actually. I have not been pended or NLIC so I’m still having some hope over here!

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link to my roommate survey video :)

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Reblog if you’re applying for spring 2015 Disney college program !

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  • AnonymousGod Bless your video! I have my interview on Wednesday, and I'm kind of nervous about it since Disney's running on a whole new system. What would you say was the hardest question or just a question that kind of took you off guard during the interview?
  • You totally got this interview, it is different, but it is not hard. Keep that in mind :) The only question that really took me off guard was the first question. After she confirmed that I was an education major, she said “so how will this program help you with your major?” or something like that. Again, it wasn’t hard to answer it just threw me off because I was not prepared to answer the question that way. Everything went smoothly though! Best of luck to you, sending pixie dust your way <3 

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the link to my dcp phone interview :) please ask me any questions you may have!!

also, if you only follow me for the cute disney photos i post and reblog i am SO sorry, things have been hectic with applying for the program but i should be posting more :) 

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the first DCP video :) leave comments, ask questions, subscribe, do what you do <3

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Time to update you all!

So today the Disney College Program Spring/Spring Advantage applications dropped, and I already have my phone interview scheduled for Sunday!

I applied to the application part around 12 after I got off work.
Then around 2 the WBI (Web Based Interview) was available to me, which I passed immediately because as soon as the test was over, VERY shortly after I received my email to sign up for the phone interview.

I am very surprised I got through so quickly on the first day of applications because I was extremely picky with the roles I requested. 

Anyways! I will be posting an “about me” video tomorrow morning, and shortly after another video describing my experience so far. Thank you all for the love and support and the best of luck to all the rest of you darlings applying! So much faith, trust, and pixie dust to you all <3

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